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Some women are masters of the perfect blowjob, while inexperienced others may think a blowjob is actually blowing on the dick. Since many women will hopefully read this site, I figured I’d pass on some great advice. Since I figure I may even have a few gay or bisexual men as well, this guide is also for you. And last but not least, if your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend is having problems in the oral sex department, send them this way! This will be sure to remedy the problem for sure!

One of the most honoring and sexy ways a man can be pleasured is when a woman (or man if applicable) adores his dick. A cock represents about 80% of the male ego , so if you want to make a man smile from his soul, you need to completely and thoroughly ADORE his cock. Worship his dick as if it’s a fucking God! One of the BEST ways to do this is to suck it for him at any given time. When I say suck his cock, I don’t mean just lightly lick it. I mean take the dick in your hand, devour it, lick it hard, suck it hard and feel it down the penis with the back of your throat.

First of all, men will know if you like doing this or not, just by how you go about it. If you don’t like it, he will know because the enthusiasm is not there. Be passionate about giving head, and he’ll be more likely to reciprocate. Go at it with gusto and it will turn him on so incredibly that he will tell you “I just had the BEST blowjob of my life, today, ” and he will remember it for many hours of masturbation later. A great blowjob is not something a man ever forgets.

A woman (or man if applicable) who is skilled at the art of the blowjob, is in control of him until the cum has shot out of his dick and he has passed out due to complete exhaustion. One key thing about a blowjob is that you must make sure he knows YOU are sucking him: he is NOT fucking your face! If you are sucking it right, the man will have no need to put his hand on your head, while thrusting his dick into your mouth. Your mouth is not a vagina, and you should make that known.

Here are some tips for whoever may be in charge of sucking a dick..Be it yours, your partners, whoevers:

1) Grab the cock with authority and suck it hard. If it’s too hard, he will tell you. If you’ve ever seen a man jack off, you’ll know that the dick can take quite a bit of pressure and force before any harm is done. The chances are that if you stop shy of pulling the dick out of his body, it’s just right.

2) Make noises like “mmmmm” or moan when shoving the dick in your mouth. It shows the guy that your are enjoying what you are doing, and it makes him feel as if his cock is a delicious popsicle. If he thinks that you love his cock, then he’ll be arroused beyond belief. Remember: You’re not just sucking his dick, but you are also sucking his EGO.

3) Get it the dick wet and sloppy. Most men would give anything for a sloppy slurpy, juicy blowjob. Saliva heats up with friction and this is a sure turn on.

4) Stroke the balls, but do it very carefully. If you are the man, I’d suggest shaving your balls. Not only will the sensations be much more intense, but your sucker will most likely lick them gently since there is no tangled hair to get in the way. The next best thing to having your dick head sucked is having your nuts licked.

5) Create a good suction and pop his cock in and out of your mouth. On circumcised men (more common in America than anywhere in the world) the lip of the helmet is sensitive and some men go wild when you flip this lip as if you could tip it off his shaft. This is a technique that many don’t know about, but it drives men nuts. The part that is most sensitive is the part underneath where the shaft meets the head and causes a valley up the head to the pee hole. Flick this spot in an upward motion with your rigid tongue and cup the rest of the head with your mouth and lips, sucking at the same time. After you’ve teased and pleased with this method, plunge the dick down your throat while tonguing his shaft wildly, creating suction as if it is stuck to the roof of your mouth. Any time you can suck then tongue then suck, you can get incredible results and moans from the blowjob receiver.

6) Let him watch as you slob his knob (ego). If you are lying on the bed between his legs, or if he is standing looking down, he is intently watching you. Use one hand to stroke his stomach, balls, egs, thighs, nipples, and hold his cock with the other hand so you can guide it carefully away from your back teeth. Guys, who pull your hand away, sometimes regret it because they don’t realize you are keeping his precious head from those sharp grinders in the back of your mouth. If they’ve pulled your hand away though, it might be an indication that you were squeezing too hard, or that he wants you to take his cock deeper into your mouth, especially if he is small (4″ or less). Small dicks need deeper blowjobs as your hand takes up most of the length of the shaft. Going all the way down is incredibly pleasurable for the man. A normal guy loves to see his cock disappear down the suckers throat.

7) Start at the tip of the dick and spiral down to the bottom of the shaft. As you go down, twist your head and mouth in opposite directions. Go as far down the shaft as possible. If he is too long for you to go too deep, go as far as you are comfortable with going. The gag reflex kicks in when you go too far but you can circumvent that reflex with practice of opening up your lower throat.

Suck his balls. Men don’t usually get a lot of attention to their balls because most women think they’ll hurt them. If you gently stroke the balls and suck them by taking one into your mouth at a time, tonguing it then moving to the other one, you will see how much enjoyment is derived
from this attention. Then run your tongue vertically up the vein of the cock, and feel him gasp when you suck the head back into your mouth.

9) Don’t forget to use your tongue a lot. The flicking and wagging of your tongue using good pressure is very pleasurable. Try twirling it around the head one way, than the other way. This technique will bring gasps and moans.

10) Uncircumcised cocks have different rules. All that skin is able to be sucked on and lightly chewed. Most men who are uncut are extremely sensitive when you expose his head by pushing the skin all the way down and holding it down to suck him. Be careful here though, as some can find this painful. Ask the man which he prefers and you will know just what to do. Be aware that leaving the skin up makes it a little difficult to create and maintain a good suction, but it is much easier doing the up and down motion with gliding smoothness. Try to leave the skin up and stick your tongue between the outer skin and see how far down you can slide your tongue in before the skin folds back with your motion. Pressure is important with an uncircumcized cock as well. Squeezing with your lips as you move up and down is VERY important. Consistent pressure by evenly squeezing with a hand and your lips is usually what makes him cum.

11) Another little trick that makes some men gasp with pleasure is when you use your teeth ever so GENTLY on the cap of the penis. Be sure there is a lot of saliva for gliding your teeth on. Start out by having your teeth clenched together at the tip of the penis. Then as you glide down the cap, slowly open your jaws. Your lips should be closed around the shaft as your head moves downward. Then flick your tongue as your teeth give way and cause a suction. This sensation seems to bring a new experience to each recipient and usually elicits comments suck as “My God, where did you learn that??”

12) And last but not least, swallowing cum. Ask your man which they prefer: A sucker swallowing his cum or him jacking off in the last seconds before he cums onto the suckers breasts, face, ass or whatever. Many men grew up watching porn and in all porn, pulling out of the mouth and other orifices is the norm, so the viewer can see the glorious “cum shot.” As a result, many men associate an great orgasm with pulling out and cumming on the dick sucker as he strokes. It is a turn on for the sucker to see the fruits of their labor for sure, or feel the warm cum on their breasts. And to those who have just came: It’s especially nice when the man gets a warm washcloth, and cleans the sucker up after. That is seen as a return compliment. Just so that you know, most will say they want you to swallow. Of the top 5 questions MOST asked by guys online, “Do you swallow?” is one of the most asked questions. This is because if you remember in the beginning, my first point was; a man’s ego lives in his penis. If you swallow his man chowder, his EGO is given the ultimate compliment.

After he cums in your mouth, slowly pull away and leave the penis alone now. It is painfully sensitive and can’t bare any more attention for a few minutes. A nice warm washcloth placed on his shaft and scrotum feel lovely to him as well, while he is resting and recuperating.

You are now equipped with some knowledge of how to pleasure your partner in ways he might not be familiar. Listen to the noises he makes and be acutely aware of what makes him happy. If you want to make him cum as opposed to just warming him up for hours of pleasure, just remember these 5 things:

Patience + passion + proper pressure + variety of techniques + swallowing his cum is going = Your man telling you that you give the ULTIMATE blow-job.

1. Meet in a VERY public place. The brighter the better. People are less inclined to try anything if there is a good chance they will get caught. People who are really wanting to meet you and are safe will not take offense to meeting in this type of area. If the person you are meeting gets upset at the suggestions then do not meet them.

2. If you feel it is not a safe meeting area take a friend with you. Do not allow yourself to get roped into doing anything or going anywhere that might make you feel uncomfortable. You must feel safe in whatever venue you decide to meet them in.

3. Pick a place you know well…preferably where the people there know you well. If you have someone who knows you make sure they meet the person so if there is a problem they can describe the person you were with. DO NOT meet in hotels even if the reson you are meeting is sexual…meet in public first and talk a little while…if it is going to happen it still will but you have then covered all your bases to make it a safer experience for both of you.

4. Get any information you can before you meet. If possible get phone numbers, email addresses, and if at all possible a picture of them before the meet so you know who you are looking for and so that there is a picture of the person you are seeing available if there is any problems. Make sure someone you trust has access to the information and send it via email to someone that you trust.

5. Talk to people you trust and give any information you can. If you do meet with a man and they mistreat you please let someone know so this does not escalate and become a situation like those you are about to read about.

Please just understand that I am not trying to tell you what to do I just want you to be safe and find new friends. People are not all bad we just must be careful and watch out for ourselves and those we love.

Picture it:you get home late from a hard day’s work and your girl’s already asleep, or you wake up first thing in the morning to go to work and you’re in the mood for sex. When you feel like getting it on but your girl is sleeping, what can you do?

Caution: Whichever way you decide to go about it, always gauge her reaction to your moves. If she seems disinterested, then don’t pursue it. This is not a scenario where too much persistence can be used. However, if you can wake her up slowly and comfortably, you stand a good chance of getting some sex.

Light candles in the room The flickering of candlelight might wake her calmly. It’ll be a nice surprise for her when she does. Another alternative could be to turn on some night lights.

Use aphrodisiacs
The above-mentioned candles could have a light vanilla scent or any aroma that is pleasing to the senses. This will fill the room with a pleasant scent that might wake her and put her in the mood.

Play soft music
Put on some soft music in the background. Not too loud, you don’t want to give her a rude awakening. Try something slow and bass-heavy with sensual vocals like Moby or Air; whatever she likes to listen to when she first wakes up.

Caress her stomach, legs & breasts
Caress her thighs, stomach and then move on to the breasts. You don’t want to start off by touching the breasts. Work your way towards them. Take your time; don’t rush any movement. Be delicate and slowly move to heavier petting.

Kiss her
Put your lips on her back, the back of her neck, her neck under her chin and her ear lobes. Use some discipline. No tongue action yet, just soft kisses. Then, gently kiss her lips. Women seem to really respond to this.

Play with her hair, whisper and slide your fingers to the right area…

Play with her hair
Run your hand through her hair softly. Play with it. Lightly massage her scalp. The sensation may serve to rouse her and prep her for what’s to come.

Whisper in her ear
Lean in and in a deep, soothing voice, tell her what’s on your mind. Don’t say anything too graphic. Keep your words romantic. Tell her that she’s sexy and you want to be inside her. If you’ve been with her for a while, hopefully you know what words to use to turn her on.

Slide her underwear off
Start by rubbing her pubic area over her underwear; if she responds in a positive manner (which includes moving her body into a more welcoming position, light moaning, etc.), place two fingers under the elastic and head toward her clitoris. Don’t head to the moist part of her vagina just yet; lightly rub the outer lips and then proceed to slide off her underwear. You need to do this at a snail’s pace.

Ride up on her
Press your front against her back, and touch your erect penis against her body so she can feel it. Then, contract it. Hold her from behind — “spooning” her — and keep contracting it every now and again. This should send a not-too-subtle message that you’re ready for love. She should respond.

Perform oral sex on her
First spread her vagina lips to expose her clitoris with your fingers. Then lightly lick it. Don’t lick it too hard until you’re certain she’s aroused. This will incite different reactions from different women. Be responsive to her. After you’ve gently licked her for a minute of so, start doing it a little harder and more conclusively.

Hormones build up overnight during sleep, which make some people quite horny during the night and/or first thing in the morning. However, things like morning breath and a.m. grumpiness turn some women off to morning sex. It’s up to you to know your partner and what she digs. Adapt as you go to her state of consciousness. It is not recommended to wake your woman during her “deep sleep.” She probably won’t be receptive to your sexual urges.

Whatever way you decide to go about it, gauge her reaction. And remember; if she keeps snoring, then stop.
Good luck. :)